About Me

Mario Marinov - About Me

I have been engaged in photography from the age of 12. My professional education was received at the vocational college for polygraphy and photography in Sofia where I specialized in photography and graduated with distinction.

I was able to deepen my knowledge and develop my skills at the advertising company PHOREC and in 1979 I was awarded the title "Artist Photographer" after participating in a national-level competition. I am a founding member of the National Association Academy of Photography.

Since 1992 I have been working as a photographer in my own company exclusively focusing on the field of advertising.




Mario Marinov - Awards

For my participation in photography competitions, exhibitions and salons I have been bestowed with a number of awards.

Especially valuable to me is the award from the First National Youth Photography Competition in 1973 that I received from the distinguished Artist Photographer Vladimir Dimchev.

Moreover, I am particularly proud of the Silver Medal from the Krakow Photo Art Salon for portrait and act photography "Venus 87" as well as the first prize for color photography at the international competition "Music in the Lens" in 2004.