Mario Marinov - Services

If you read those lines you should already be convinced of the advantages from hiring a professional photographer.

Sometimes the high demands of sophisticated photography resulting from distinct expertise and specialized technologies are grossly underestimated. During my longstanding career I had to face many challenges from which I was able to obtain valuable experience, but I haven't lost the individual attitude towards each and every assignment disregarding its scale or the prestige of the subject matter. My professionalism always dictates a serious approach and the evasion of stereotypes and cliches.

I can offer you my services for photography of:
- architecture (interior and exterior)
- portraits (on location or in a studio)
- photos of merchandise and objects
- foodstuffs and beverages (in an arrangement or alone)
- landscapes
- paintings, sculptures and other works of art
- ceremonies, festivities and events

I can also be of service for the resolution of common photography problems such as:
- restoration of old photos and retouch
- quality improvement of amateur digital photos
- selection of appropriate photography techniques
- holistic photography solutions

I work out of a professionally equipped studio and have the means for digital as well as traditional photography on film in medium and large formats.

Mario Marinov - Studio