Welcome to my Site

Mario Marinov - Welcome to my Site

Since its emergence the art of photography enchants with truly unique perspectives on the world around us. Combined with the unlimited possibilities of modern technology it gives a powerful testimony to the power of human creativity.

As a professional I am proud to offer you my vast expertise and unyielding enthusiasm for creating your advertisement, capturing treasured moments or providing assistance for any photographical initiative.

While sharing my knowledge as an advertising photographer in the capacity of honorary lecturer at the Bulgarian Art College I simultaneously aspire to experience life trough the photo­graphy of my everyday work. Therefore I value your trust highly and will utilize all my skills to transform your requests into expressions of gratitude for the realized commission.


Client List

Mario Marinov - Client List

Among my clients are thriving manufacturers like Tandem, Elit Mes, Antola, RIS-BB, Kendy, LB Bulgaricum, Lactina, Florina, Kressona.

Moreover, my services enjoy the trust of corporations like Siper-Bulgaria, VantoTrade, Avi Business Centre, Musala Soft, Top Drinks, Opticlasa, Mr. Bricolage and others.


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